Our Founder

"Good Skin Cosmetics is safe beauty that is accessible for everyone."

- Founder, Lisa Julien

The moment I knew my life had changed was when the mirror reflected someone unrecognizable. I grew up with smooth, flawless skin that mirrored my self-confidence. But there I was, a single mother of four, battling not only the aftermath of a failed marriage but also a severe acne, uneven skin and sun damage- a stranger to myself. My name is Lisa, and this is my journey from frustration to empowerment, a journey that led me to Good Skin Cosmetics.

A licensed esthetician today, my path was paved with trials that revolved around unhealthy skin and lack of solutions for people of colour. It all started with what should have been simple - a visit to an esthetician to help with my newly-found skin issues. Yet, it served only to deepen my despair. The 'one size fits all approach' to skin care was the norm; our melanated skin, with its specific challenges and nuances, was overlooked. This experience lit the spark in me, a spark that would eventually ignite into a beacon for many others like me – frustrated, ignored, and eager to be seen.

Being my own solution, I returned to school and emerged as a licensed esthetician. From there, I opened a spa specifically catering to women of colour. This was more than just a business; it was a safe haven. Women could come in, let down their guards, be themselves and step out feeling rejuvenated. The joy of seeing them leave with not just radiant skin but renewed self-esteem was immeasurable.

However, it became increasingly clear that a deeper need existed; a need for specialist skincare products that understood the unique attributes of melanated skin. Our skin is our body's third major organ for eliminating toxins, constantly adapting to various stressors. However, it often fell on neglected and overlooked shoulders. As such, creating a skincare line dedicated to this need was a natural progression.

Taking this courageous leap, I closed my spa and channelled all of my energy into Good Skin Cosmetics. This was yet another significant turning point, a manifestation of my core values - holistic healing, natural solutions, and inclusivity. My skincare line symbolized the culmination of my experiences and dreams – skincare that was not complicated but effective in addressing issues like sun damage, cold fluctuations, dehydration, uneven skin tones, and other factors that come hand-in-hand with melanated skin.

The journey has been far from easy, but every roadblock only amplified my motivation. What began as a personal quest for better skin care has evolved into a mission to transform the narrative around skincare for people of colour. Good Skin Cosmetics is more than just a business; it's my heart and soul translated into nurturing bottles of wellness.

Looking back, I feel a sense of gratification. Not only did I find a solution to my own skin issues, but I also created an avenue for others facing similar struggles. Challenges make us stronger, as I have learned. They push us towards our purpose, and mine turned out to be empowering and championing improved skincare for people of colour.

To anyone reading this, remember, there's always room for change, growth, and making a difference. Often, the toughest roads lead to the most beautiful destinations. Mine took me to Good Skin Cosmetics. Here's hoping yours will take you to equally rewarding places!